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Hello, my name is Sam. I narrate audiobooks for Audible, and write romance and horror books. I love comics, movies, video games, cats, and food.

I'm nonbinary transmasc and would love to voice more enby and trans characters.

About Me


Tarot Arcana Mysteries Series | by Mika Kosey | 2022-2023​

Sergeant West - Episodes 4 and 12

As Sam Stark -

Training & Workshops

The Tower Card Murder

Justice Found and Lost

Case of the Covered Hermit

The Empress Revealed

Crossed by Death

Acting for Audio I with Joel Leslie Froomkin

As Jennifer MacIntyre -

Love You Desperately | by R S Medina | 2021​

Hex Breaker | by Stella Drexler | 2021​

Coming Soon

Love Me More | by R S Medina | 2020​

A Billion Reasons Why| by Cynthia Dane | 2020​


Crutchfield in "Hounds of the Universe"

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